Making Fortnite Epic

Toby Tuatoo

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Fortnite may not be new, but it is a developing game with new characteristics like no other. Fortnite is a online game that offers a variety of game modes, skins and gameplay. Although the game is free, Epic Games profits from the players purchase of skins, gear, or anything else that you can upgrade in Fortnite.

Epic Games is a video game software development company. Epic Games has made a multitude of games over the years. Some were hits, but nothing like Fortnite. Fortnite gave Epic Games a whole new reputation. The game is closely related to its counterpart PUBG. Some even say “copied.”

Epic Games released the Battle Royale version within two months of creating it. The success from the Player Unknown battlegrounds,  with 5 million copies sold within three months had caught Epic’s eye. Which caused them to release the second version to fortnite, the first being Save the World. While the other being 100 player vs player battle royale.

It is a cultural gaming phenomenon. The whole idea of the game is to load into a lobby with 100 players and fight to be the last one standing. Fortnite drew in more than 125 million players in less than a year, and make millions of dollars per month. The game blew up!

Fortnite offers a new style of gameplay different from PUBG, that attracts players. The whole spark of  Fortnite came from the competitive building gameplay. Building created a skill gap between players. So pro player can out build their opponents and win, which is not featured in PUBG. Fortnite has a level of skill between players. Some of the newer players are obvious and distinguishable as they lack the skill to keep up with the other, more skilled opponents. The professional players are more than qualified to battle any opponent, but sometimes they even get bested.

The game is continuously evolving. Fortnite releases weekly updates giving a sense of change to the game. The updates may include new weapons, gamemodes, skins, or map changes. This allows players to constantly be changing gameplay. This allows for the game not to be repetitive and boring.

The game has created a great amount of jobs for many people from the developers to the players themselves. Professional players take into account that Fortnite audience is drawn to great gameplay. They have created accounts on YouTube to post gameplays or Twitch, where you can live stream gameplays and interact with those who are watching. Twitch has seen the most amount of views accumulated on the Fortnite streams. People have created jobs from streams and youtube, and can sustain themselves just off of that based off of the views and ad revenue they make when someone watches them play.

Fortnite is regularly growing, and doesn’t see of fading anytime soon. This game has created a new generation of gaming. Gamers want the competitive type of gameplay like what Battle Royale offers, and other games are following in their footsteps. The game isn’t new, but it has new and better updates everyday making it constantly evolving and growing.