Final Exams: How to Prepare

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We have started the month of May and without counting weekends, we have 15 days left of the school year. With the early arrival of summer, we still lack something extremely important: the final exams. Although it may seem boring to sit and test in the last month of school, it is the last grade that would go in the grade book. Most of the time, students tend not to study for their final exams. I have 4 good ways to prepare for the final week. First, you must learn how you study better. Not only do you need to study, but also to know which study method works best for you. You want to be able to have confidence not only when you are doing the test, but also when you are preparing for the test. In addition to studying, memorization is also a key component to prepare for a test. Instead of trying to read the same notes over and over again, it would be good to create didactic cards to study with them and help you memorize information with key notes about them. An important fact is to know when to stop studying. I’m not saying you should not study at all, but taking breaks is not a bad thing. Forcing yourself to stay awake is really bad for you and can cause a sleep deficit and you will not be able to remember any information that you have worked so hard to memorize. Finally, sleep well and eat well. Staying awake the night before of a test has never been proven to help any student in a test. You must sleep for at least 8 hours to be well rested for the next day. In addition, you must eat before the test to concentrate on the test instead of hunger. The final exams are those that determine if you passed the class or not. These tests are what help determine what classes you can take next year or if you have to repeat a class. These were 4 tips on how to prepare for the finals.

Good Luck From the Sierra Sentinel Team!