College Bound Success

Imani Lige-Crenshaw, Chief Editor

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Sierra High School is where hard work breeds success. That Success can be seen in many lights, from Delicia Mckalpain or Iyanna Reeves who are moving out of state to find themselves, to local students, Juanita Quengua and Bryanna Johnston who are making their marks on PPCC this coming fall. Let’s take a look at shining seniors who are being Striving Stallions.


To start off we have Melina Dimas, who is attending CU Boulder in the fall. She is one of many students who is not only graduating with a high school diploma but also her A.G.S; Associates in General Science from PPCC. She told me that the reason she chose CU Boulders was for, “ it offered me so many opportunities from being a T1 research institute, a partner with NASA, connected to CU Denver’s medical campus and because only CSU Fort Collins and CU Boulder offered my major which is Neuroscience.” Which is evident in her school and volunteer dedication. She mentioned that she will transfer to CU Anschutz Medical Campus after she gets her undergraduate from CU Boulder. What appeals to Ms.Dimas the most about Boulder is, “it is such a huge campus. There is a place for everyone and many people come from other countries or other states to attend. The cherry on top was the club swimming, the beautiful views, and the access to Denver and the distance from the Springs.” I for one can not wait to see Melina in 10 years telling the school about her journey to be a, “medically certified neuroscientist.”.


Juanita Rose Munar Quengua, JR for short, is a striving student at Sierra High School and her choice college was PPCC for a number of excellent reasons. For me, she narrowed it down too, “1. I’ve got a Scholarship. 2. Facilities and Cost of Attendance. 3. Distance from the house.” Which in my opinion is as good as any to go to any college. Similar to Melina Dimas we are having another woman of science graduating from Sierra. JR told me about her plans once she gets her diploma, “And to start my journey, I would be taking BS Major in Biology in PPCC for 2 years. I am planning to finish my bachelor’s degree at UCCS after my 2 years at PPCC.” JR has high aspirations for herself and knows that her degree is taking her somewhere. She even got the Leadership Scholars Program from PPCC to pay for her schooling.


Another student who will be attending PPCC in the fall is none other than Bryanna Johnston. She is super excited for her next year at PPCC. She relayed that, “My scholarships will cover an entire associates degree.”, which is nothing but pure hard work. She, like JR, has similar goals in transferring to a university after she attends PPCC and knows that value of the facility and community PPCC has is unmatched to anything we could experience at a big university.


Now for Iyanna, aka “Mocha” Reeves. Your favorite morning announcer is moving on to Jackson State University to continue her life is business. “What appeals to me about Jackson State University is that it’s an environment like everyone is so welcoming and helpful. Also, it’s an HBCU so you know this school is lit and definitely cultured.” Knowing this, Sierra should be proud of having one of the two girls going to an HBCU be Mocha. She’ll be a shining stallion there and bring her amazing attitude with her. One of the most appealing things she found herself near family, which at the end of the day, we would all want, wouldn’t we.


Lastly, Delicia Mckalpain, a true Sierra Stallion at heart will be attending Howard in the fall. My first question for her was why; why go to Howard, the Harvard of HBCU. She wrote, “ I have felt disconnected with my blackness and I am ashamed of that, That’s why I am going to Howard, a well know HBCU. That… and it has a phenomenal medical program.” For Delicia, it seems gonna to Howard will cement her place in history as a strong Black women, like all of know she is. She is ready to live in the current reality of being Black in America and she knows Howard will teach her everything about it. Overall she is striving for better in a community full of love and acceptance as well getting the education she deserves.