Striving Stallions

Tobias Tuatoo, Sports Reporter

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As the end of the school year is around the corner let’s recap about our Sierra Stallions Athletic programs. Let’s begin in the fall with our boys soccer team. They had a rough season but through every game the fought all the way to the end. The boys Soccer team was lead by captain Blake Brooks ,  and Darshytwan Dorsey. The total amount of goals the boys had were 12. The Football team finished their season 3-7. The Stallions were lead by Elijah Smith who had a total of 955 rushing yards and made 1st team all state. On the defensive side it was lead by Dezmen Deedon who finished the season with 90 tackles. For the Volleyball team they were lead by Gyani Sami and Tionna Moss. Together Gyani and Tionna had a total of 326 kills. Moving on from fall sports to winter sports the Stallions did remarkable. The girls basketball team made the sweet sixteen led and were by D’nae Wilson who accomplished her goal of 1000 career points in a game against Sand Creek and only being a junior. The girls basketball fell short to Air Academy 48-44 in the sweet 16. Other the other hand the boys basketball also did great in their season. They also made the sweet sixteen and were lead by Eddie Whitmore, Dailen Terry, and Imani Grigsby. They started off their season great by beating Thomas J Jefferson in a overtime game. Throughout there season they had many ups and downs but still managed to make the playoffs which kept Sierra’s 16 years straight both boys and girls heading to the playoffs. Unfortunately they also fell short in the sweet 16 against Cheyenne Mountain in double overtime with the score being 64-62. Not only did Stallions make history in basketball but in wrestling. Sierra’s wrestling team had two outstanding wrestlers Elijah Smith and Atsamaz Plive who made state. Elijah Smith wrestled great but got defeated early in the tournament making him not able to compete to be in the top 3. Atsamaz Plive made it into the top three but couldn’t pull off and finished 3rd in the State. Not only did the Stallions do well in the winter but are doing tremendous in spring sports. Sierra’s track team finished 1st in the 4x100m run at the Canon City meet. Sierra’s track team leaders are Connar Burgess, Tristin Burris, Elijah Smith, and Gyani Sami. The girls soccer team recetly just beat Mitchell High School of a score of 10-1. The girls are being lead by Captain D’nae Wilson and Ariana Reyes. As Sierra Stallions sports programs made a lot of historical events this year they will strive for next year to make more records and for many more years to come!

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