High School Advice

Demarion Cook, Sports Reporter

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As the school year is coming to an end its that time of the year where 8th graders get the nervous and/or excited  feelings about high school. When I first got to highschool I wouldn’t have expected anything that happened, and this being my second year it was lead with many difficult twist and turns. This is great advice that will help you get through high school and keep you on the right path. Coming in as a freshman last year, I would stay focused on my grades and would talk to a selected few of people. My advice to new freshmen would be to talk to other people in your grade or maybe upperclassmen. The more people you know in your school, the more you could help others out and even get help for yourself. Also,make sure you surround yourself by people who are going to help you strive and keep you on your path to success. Another advice I would say is to build a bond with your teachers. Having a bond with your teachers will help you stand out and if you need any help they will open up to you and help you. Whenever your grades are going down or not the best they can be, never be afraid to ask for help and always talk to the teacher about it don’t be content with the grade you got strive to be better. Always be apart and /or active in school sports,assemblies,after school events and clubs. High school is where you figure out what you want to do in life so why not explore and try new things, you might just be good at it. Focus on school rather than focusing on drama. That will only lead to unnecessary problems and issues that you don’t need. I hope you take the time to read this and learn from it. High school’s only what you make of it , see you next year!

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