A Night at the Stanley

A Night To Remember


Gabriel Alano Weber, Reporter

Homecoming was a spooky yet elegant night to remember. The theme of the dance was “A Night At The Stanley.” The red, orange, black and white decorations gave the dance a festive, elegant and ghostly feeling. People arrived with dates and friends, but the dance was dull until we had an unexpected performance by Asaina, Sean, and Melissa, dancing to “Lets Kill This Love” by BLACKPINK. The hype of this dance made people want to keep dancing and have a great time with their friends. The haunted hallway Ghost Tours were opened moments later and had everyone spooked out by the made up story of the death of kids due to Sierra’s overpopulation 20 years ago. Attendees were told to pick which bathroom they believed the students died in, walk in, and this left them screaming. The highlight of the night were the King’s and Queen’s for each grade. Nominees were trying to get the most votes to win the court and were announced toward the end of the night. As the dance dulled down, people slowly began to leave, saying their goodbyes while others extended their night by going out to eat or hang out.