A New Soccer Season!


Jordan Arada, Reporter

The 2019 season for the boys soccer team starts of at a good point by winning their second game by beating Sand Creek High School 5-4. However they did lose their first game 5-4 to William J Palmer. We continue to lose but have scored at least 1 goal at each game. This team has good young players that have a big role to fill as the Seniors leave. I spoke with the head coach, Coach Hale, and asked him about this season. It seems this year was a year of improvement. Hale “wants to see his boys improve on their basic skills and just become better soccer players.”. Hale coaches because he “loves soccer and teaching these young men how to be men and athletes.” Hopefully the soccer team picks it up on offense and defense so that they can start winning more games. Hale comments on winning saying “winning is important to me, I wish we would do it more often.”