Behind the Scenes- Homecoming Edition

The morning of the dance,our crew came to Sierra at 9 in the morning to start our homecoming setup. However, what we had envisioned is not what our final product was! We started off not even being able to hang things from the ceiling but with the help of Gabriel Weber and Jordan Arada, they got our spooky ghosts onto the ceiling for you guys to enjoy during our ghost tours. Speaking of the tour, the group of drama kids that were supposed to run the ghost tours, unfortunately “ghosted” on us that morning. So Dakota White and Arriyana Jones, decided we’d run the tours; we didn’t want to feel as if we’d “false advertised” to all of you Stallions. We finished setup pretty smoothly with a few little bumps in the road but with all of us pitching in and small groups doing different jobs to make it more time effective. We finished at around 12 that afternoon, with the gym hallways and lunchroom setup, plus the concessions stalked. That night we successfully got everyone through the doors with no problems, and we’d like to thank our admin and security for that. Our tours went smoother than expected with some students even volunteering to help scare people to make our jobs easier. We all felt very accomplished at the end of the night with the work that we did to make sure everyone, even ourselves, had a good time at 2K19 HOCO.