The Start of Special Olympics

Annalisa Mileto

Mr. Karn has previously brought to my attention this organization that will help widen our community for the better. The Special Olympics is coming forth with several club ideas for children and adults with intellectual disabilities and physical disabilities. Mr. Karn had selected Abigail Steffonich and Annalisa Mileto to be the presidents of this great opportunity to run these events. Next week the three will meet up with Ben Wrubel to discuss further information regarding the implementation of Special Olympics at Sierra High School.

Special Olympics is a global movement that allows our spirit to move freely through the spirit of happiness. Through the programming in sports, we are here to full-fill participation with ID. We are trying to approach high-quality training so that both with or without a disability can play on the same-field. The Special Olympics sports are being strengthened from partnerships with the International Sport Federations, thus building its way up from young age.

“Special Olympics also provide partnerships with high school and middle schools around the nation to make them more inclusive on their special needs population.They do this by providing funds and equipment to schools, so they can start sport teams for the students and the special Olympic athletes in Sierra High School.” Mr. Karn

Last year was the first year we became a partner school and participated the Polar Plunge. Four Sierra High School students plunged into icy water and ended up raising over $1000 towards the Special Olympics. This year we hope to widen this organization and have more involved to help out our fellow peers.