What’s going on with Abby?

Keylin Lujan

I’ve asked Abby how her life has been now that she is a senior. She has informed me that she has been stressing so much with college applications in between work in school.  Shes had her mental breakdowns now and then. I asked ” How has school been?”. “Stressful, School has been very demanding. I have less classes but it still has given me a hard time.” Seeing Abby around it seems she keeping it together but really shes been very stressed. I asked Abby questions about her day and other topics non relative to school. The best part of Abby’s day is joining a club that gives special ed kids opportunities to play in activities. Abby’s advice on upcoming seniors is to not do things last minute, plan ahead and apply for as many scholarships to make your upcoming college easier to afford. In conclusion Abby is an amazing person trying to keep up with everything in life and a successful person.