The Truth of Senior Year

Yuliana Mendoza

For a lot of people, senior year may seem like a breeze, but it is actually a hit of reality. Applying for colleges and scholarships is a stressful work-load. The requirements students need to be accepted to these universities and scholarships are challenging, which causes students to think less of themselves. As well as procrastination, senior students may be close to the finish line, but classes are still a necessity to graduate. Senior year shares little and common with freshman year. Life was simpler back then, but now that students have jobs, school work, and applications to fill out it is a full year of stress. Throughout the years of high school, students made their academic mistakes which builds up the stress for their senior year. If I could give advice to underclassmen, I would say to not leave everything to the last minute and to study for exams because you never know if that score can impact your opportunities after high school.