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Movie News: “A.X.L”

Kaia Z., Reporter

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I’m really excited yet kind of disturbed to see this movie, since the robot makes me rethink the whole future. A.X.L is about an outsider named Alex finds a robot dog in a abandoned field and finds it injured. Saving the robot’s life, Alex soon discovers that his name is A.X.L and connects with the robot instantly, based on having a key to control it. During this time, the scientists can see that A.X.L is paired and wants their creation back. Since Alex and A.X.L are “paired”, they try to escape the scientists to keep A.X.L from being kept captive and a test subject, bonding more with their friendship. A.X.L does look really interesting, expectually if you are a big futuristic fan, but if you are really creeped out by robots, beware. This movie has a well-known star Becky G, as Alex’s friend, movie is PG and came out August 24.


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Movie News: “A.X.L”