Meet the Faces of Sierra Soccer

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Meet the Faces of Sierra Soccer

Vanessa Cruz, Spanish Editor

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Countess Harris
Todd Hale

Art Teacher, Art club sponsor and Soccer coach
Mr.Hale has been playing soccer his whole life and started taking it seriously in 6th grade when he played indoor and outdoor soccer. In high school he was offered a scholarship to a christian school, however he did not attend. But that didn’t dull his love for soccer.
When asked, “Why did you decide to become Sierras soccer coach?” Coach Hale responded with, “I remember how much fun I had in High School and i wanted the kids here to have the same type of experience.”
Being the coach comes with many responsibilities, like choosing captains for your team, “Right now I picked the two that represent the team the best. They show that they’re hard working and respectful- and you know you pick the best players” He seemed to have a gleam in his eyes when asked about his team.“What’s the best thing about being Sierra’s soccer coach?” he didn’t hesitate to respond with,“The best part about being Sierra’s soccer coach is the relationships that we build with each other and on top of that we all manage to have a lot of fun.” But of course all teams have flaws. So when asked what his goals for the soccer team this year he says,”I want them to commit more and work harder to make them a stronger team-stronger than last year.” Ending the interview with a question we were all wondering. “What makes Sierras soccer team different from the rest?”
“We have a lot more personality” BOLD… but true.

Blake Brooks,
12th grade,Wing/Captain in the soccer team
Blake is in his Senior year and has been playing soccer since he was in First Grade. Seems like a long time to grow a passion for something. That also means a lot of time to think about how you’re going to pick a school that offers you a scholarship for your passion. “It all depends if I get a scholarship to play professionally. If I do, then I’ll definitely play in college.” Since Blake has had a lot of experience playing soccer, I wanted to see if he had any wise words for anyone who’d like to join the soccer team, “My advice to anyone who’s willing to join the soccer team- just- you need to be dedicated. You have to be willing to put in the hours to train and practice, to get better” It seems to me Coach Hale has an eye for getting the best people to represent our team this year. But what is so great about being in a team? I had to ask Blake what his favorite part about being in Sierras soccer team was. With a smile on his face he stated, “Best thing about being in the team is probably just actually being a team… the team is more like a family, a lot of the guys on the team are like brothers.” Not only have I had my heart touched but I could tell the soccer team is not only a team, but a family.

Francisco Castaneda
12th grade, Center maid/Captain in the Soccer team
Francisco has been playing since he was only 12 years old. When his parents asked him if soccer was something he’d like to do and he decided to play.. “Soccer has been one of those things that came to me naturally.” Since Cisco’s passion came to him naturally at such a young age, that gave him plenty of time to think about college. “It’s my dream to play professionally one day, so I do plan on playing in college.” As a motivator Cisco said, “I listen to The Script when i practice sometimes- Hall Of Fame- If You Could See Me Now.” He also had a lot to say when asked if he had any advice for incoming freshmen who plan to play, he seemed to be reminiscing while he said, “It’s obviously a lot of training and self motivation. The only way to be Captain or to be good at anything that you do is if YOU get YOURSELF there. Nobody is gonna get you there-It’s hours of hard work-by yourself sometimes, even when you don’t feel your best. It soon became my stress reliever. At the end of the day all i gotta say is be yourself, keep training and never give up.” Since this season just started i wanted to ask what game is he most excited for. “Obviously the first game of the season and Harrison! We’re gonna try to win this year.” As we kept talking about Sierras soccer team, Francisco had nothing but great things to say. “Sierra soccer team gives me a lot a freedom- it gives me a voice. I can recommend things that would be best not only for me but for the whole team. It’s also very diverse. It shows that we’re very inclusive.”

Efrain Solorzano
12th grade, midfield
Efrain has been playing soccer his whole life, he later took it seriously in 8th grade. I guess you can say it’s always been something he loved doing since forever. “I do plan on playing in college-but I don’t know what college yet.” Since Efrain played his whole life, he has a feel on what expectations people need to reach. “Honestly just show up to every practice and let the coach see what your full potential is.” Speaking of practices, I wanted to know what music he listens to keep his focused. “The other day we were doing a scrimmage I was listening to Astro World by Travis Scott.”
As we kept talking about Sierras soccer team he went more in depth with some advice for incoming freshmen who plan on playing in the soccer team, “Join the soccer team if you really want to-don’t let what other people think about you stop you from joining. They don’t know your potential. Just focus on your goals and what you wanna do to be a better you and it’ll all work out… Oh! And don’t let your grades slip.” Not only do our sierra soccer players learn to make the best of everything, but they’re still focused of keeping good GPAs and graduating on time.