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Countess Harris, Editor in Chief

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Let’s all share a laugh or even a nice smile.

Sierra High School has a new motto, #KindnessMatters. Kindness is all about being friendly, generous and considerate. We can improve our school by being kinder to one another. It is as simple as having something nice to say (or not saying anything at all). Being friendly can be making someone’s day by giving them a smile. Instead of being the bystander, you can be the person that helps the student who drops their stuff in the hallways. Be the person that offers a student a pencil when they need it, instead of judging them for being “unprepared”.

Being considerate! No problem, It’s common courtesy. Just be mindful others feelings.

I asked the question, How can we be kinder to one another? Will kindness improve our school? An anonymous tip, made a very valid point, “It’s simple! To me being kind is one of the easiest things to do. Being rude is easy too, but why be rude when our society would be a better place if we were kinder to each other. Being kind doesn’t have to be giving a compliment to everyone everyday. Being kind can simply be minding your business or even giving a quick smile at someone you see in the hallway. Being kind is being friendly and it will improve our school because it will feel like a good school to go to.”

Don’t you want to go to a school where we all can get along. We can all work together and spread kindness because it does matter. Everyday challenge yourself! Give someone a smile, or talk to someone new. If you see someone struggling with their locker offer to help. Doing the smallest things can make someone’s day, you never know.

Be share to share our new hashtag. #KindnessMatters on all social media accounts.

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