Custodians & Engineers

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Here at Sierra each person in the staff has their role to play in our school. Our custodians are a big part of our school. How do you think our school gets clean? Who do you think makes sure our classrooms are ready for the next day? It sure won’t be a force of magic. Our custodians work hard every day to make sure our school is safe and sanitized. Even though they are here to clean our classrooms and our hallways, that does not mean they are here to clean up after us. This school is for us, not for them. Students should be able to pick up after themselves and help maintain the school.

You may not see them often but, they are an important part of our school. There are 8 people part of the custodial staff that work day and night to ensure that our school is ready for the next day. Anything having to do with our classrooms – desks, tables, white boards – are all fixed by the day lead custodian. Anything having to do with the rest of the school – lights, lockers, sinks – are all fixed by our building engineer. Without our custodial staff, our school would not be able to function as well as it does today.