Gender through the Ages

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Gender has become a conversational topic around the world in the recent years from transgender bathrooms to the more open usage of words such as genderfluid, agender, and non-binary. As the world moves forward many times it feels that sayings are being made up or that the LGBTQ community is creating new identities, however this is far from the truth. Not only through the years, but different cultures have broad ideas of what gender is far beyond the binary (the two identities of male and female), and through this article you’ll get a peek inside to those times and cultures.

From The Native Americans of North America to Ancient Egyptians, many records as well living cultures demonstrate open mindedness about gender. Currently, Buddhist have a term that refers to transgender and same-sex couples called Metta (mental union and loving kindness). Even today, Nepal has an open door on their LGBTQ community. In Russia, the indigenous people of Chukchi have several genders including male and female ones.  This isn’t even all of it, in many Western cultures, including our own, we as a whole are more accepting of people who bend or even break the gender binary we have. Take Jeffree Star who is androgynous, meaning he does not confine himself to a gender identity, has a boyfriend. Another break out star on Instagram, Aaron Phillip, who is knocking down all the barriers, is a disabled, genderfluid black teen in modeling. With their recent success, it is just showing the world that clothes do not make the person, nor the gender, and helping with the accepting of non-gender people on the world media’s stage.