Creepin’ – Movies for the Season

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We are creepin’ into October. It’s starting to get brisk and cold and it’s the time to watch horrifying movies. Movies with jump scares, clowns, spiders, and serial killers. Here are 5 movies that you should watch this month and on All Hallows Eve.
#5 The “Poltergeist” came out in 1982. This movie is about the Freelings family. This family is being haunted and ghosts are taking up their home. This movie is rated PG and is a 2-hour long Fantasy/Thriller movie.

#4 “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” was released 1974. This movie is a bout 2 siblings and some friends who go check out their grandfather’s grave that was vandalized. Little did they know that they would detour to their old family farm house and run into a crazed group of murderers. After this first movie 8 others came out for more horrifying mystery. This movie is 1 and a half hours long and is a rated R Thriller/Indie Film.

#3 “Halloween” came out 1978. This movie is about a serial killer named Michael Myers who at 6 years old killed his 17-year-old sister Judith on Halloween night 1963. Michael was put away for 15 years until being transferred for a court date he escaped to his home town and there he looked for his next victim. After 40 years they have come up with a new version of “Halloween” using most of the people from the old cast. This movie is 1hour and 41 minutes and it is a rated R Mystery/Slasher film.

#2 “A Nightmare on Elm Street” came out 1984. This movie is about Freddy Krueger, a disfigured killer who preys on teens in their dreams and in return kills them in reality. After this movie came out it was such a success and 8 movies followed. This movie is 1 hour and 41 minutes long and it’s a rated R Mystery/Slasher film.

#1 “The Exorcist” came out 1973. This movie is about a young girl who begins to act weird by levitating and speaking tongue. Her mother began to ask for medical help but, the only good help they could get was the one of a priest and an expert on exorcisms. The priest strongly believed that the girl was possessed by a devil. After this successful movie, the company came out with 4 more. This movie is 2 hours and 13 minutes long and it is a rated R Horror/Mystery film.
These are the top 5 horrifying movies to watch with your friends this Halloween!