The College Experience

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The College Experience

Vanessa Monjaraz Cruz

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Since 1968, Pikes Peak Community College (PPCC) has focused on getting people started with a bright future. Mr. Woody has organized a visit to Pikes Peak Community College to attend what they call “The College Experience” in order to help students get an idea of what they’ll want to do when they graduate High School or finish school in general. As we arrive to the college, we are met by warm faces. Megan is a student in PPCC and was the first person that had helped me get my schedule and map of the school. Most of the friendly faces that helped me and others where students or Professors at PPCC.

Throughout the day you not only got free t-shirts and lunch/breakfast, but you also got a really good insight on the great programs that PPCC offers its students. The programs include arts, business, health, liberal arts, sciences, and skilled trades.
“Stop The Bleed” was the first class I had the pleasure to be in. Mr.Doug, the professor, was an Air Force medic for 25 years. In 2015 he retired and heard about the great programs that PPCC offered and decided to start teaching what he knows best (Health and science). 

During the class he taught us how to help someone from bleeding to death by using tools and techniques he used during similar situations.
As I continue on with my classes, I met all kinds of differents professionals and student ambassadors. But one ambassador really spoke volumes to me. As Jade and I got lost in the many groups of high schools that went, spotted our fellow stallions with Michael Reyes. He helps new PPCC students be successful and find a way to be their best while they attend this college. As we all get situated in the room to wait for the guest speakers, he strikes up conversation with all of us. The conversation consisted of what we all planned to do after high school. This is the most common question people ask students, and we sometimes don’t know what to say. It’s one of the main reasons we stress in high school. But Mr.Reyes helped ease all the anxiety the seniors had. Shauntriel, one of Sierras seniors, commented that she wanted to be a lot of things. “My mom says I’m crazy, but i want to be a film director, a doctor… an astronaut” Like most of us, we want to try a little of everything. Mr. Reyes responded with, “Look, just because those careers have nothing to do with each other, doesn’t mean you can’t do them. If you want to be an astronaut and a film director then do it. You have to go through a lot of fail in order to get to the one thing you love to do. Some of us are just lucky enough to get it the first time, even then! Your opinions and view might change”

After that pep talk. Officer Michael came in to speak with us. He talked about what it took to be a police officer and what he did. He also let us know that the FBI isn’t like the movie “White Chicks” and that “Moms in minivans” are the ones who get the most speeding tickets in Colorado. Which all made sense because mums will do anything for their kids.

After lunch is over we all head to the auditorium to receive prizes for being there today. They gave away water bottles, shirts, hoodies and candy. This experience really showed other students and I that it’s okay to not know what you want to do yet, as long as you’re ambitious to succeed.