LaMelo Ball

Toby Tuatoo, Reporter

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LaMelo Ball falls in the shadow of Lavar Ball and his two older brothers, LiAngelo , and Lonzo Ball. He is pursuing a professional basketball career playing for the SPIRE institute in Ohio. LaMelo received his first training from his father at the age of four. Then planned to attend college, but that changed when at 13 he decided to pursue the professional career. Throughout his child hood, LaMelo played on a few ametuer club teams, and often played against boys much older than him, but proved himself by scoring substantial amounts on several occasions.

Furthermore, when it comes to the game, LaMelo is a beast. At the age of 15 he had an average score of about 27 points per game. He played the position Point Guard, and proved himself worthy of it. Once in February of 2017 LaMelo scored 92 points in a single game against Los Osos when he played for Chino Hills in California. This was the second best pointed scored in a single game in the California High School Basketball Championship. Another great accomplishment of his is when he scored a half court shot only a few seconds into the game in December of 2016. His talent brought him a lot of attention in the media, and proved himself deservable of a professional career.

Today, he is working towards his pro career in the NBA. He is attending high school again in Ohio, and schools are already canceling games against his team SPIRE. La Lumiere high school says they are not comfortable with competing against a professional player. SPIRE was a fit for Lamelo because it was an opportunity to compete at the elite level in high school, but that is changing as more schools drop out of the games against him. LaMelo’s high school career started with a game against Hill school. He scored 20 points and had around 13 assists. LaMelo Ball can be one of the top prospects coming into this 2019 season. So stayed tuned on every sports center top 10 to see LaMelo Ball bounce back and make more history.

LaMelo Ball is trying to live up to his brother Lonzo Ball by joining him in the NBA and also playing for the Los angeles Lakers. Lonzo Ball lead a great path in his high school basketball career by also going to Chino Hills all his four years. In his 2015 his senior year they won state in basketball in California. After his high career Lonzo Ball continued by going to the University of Los Angeles California. Lonzo started as a freshman and had a great season leading him to be the second pick overall in the 2017 NBA draft. LaMelo Ball has took many routes to find his way into success, many have doubted him and many still believe in him. LaMelo will do remarkable things in and after high school and will find his route to the NBA.