Kris Pringle

Vanessa Monjaraz Cruz

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It’s exactly 7 days till Christmas. It’s typically time to start thinking about what you’ll give and what you want. As children, this was probably our favorite time of year, due to the fact that we asked a mysterious man if he could get us a pony for Christmas and just hope his magic will help him get the pony through our chimney. But Have you ever wondered when that magic all started? When Santa started to get fat due to all the cookies he ate?

Back in 280 A.D. St. Nicholas was born in what we all call Turkey. He started off his legacy by giving away his wealth while he traveled to help to poor and sick. Around this time, he was also loved for saving 3 sisters that were going to be sold for prostitution and slavery. As his popularity grew, he became known as the protector of sailors and kids.Even after reformation, he still was a well respected sait. In Europe, it is good luck to buy something huge or even get married on his Death day. (December 6)

But how did Saint Nicholas became “Santa Claus” in America?

On December 1773 and 1774 a news reporter reported seeing a Dutch family gathering to honor “Saint Nicholas” on his death day. This was all spotted in New York city… which explains why most Christmas movies take place in a city, especially New York. Around 1804, John Pintard (member of The New York Historical Society) was said to be giving away woodcuts of Saint Nicholas’ Annual Meeting. These woodcuts are the main inspiration of what our modern day “Santa Clause” looks like. We all got the name “santa Claus” by Saint Nicholas’ Dutch nickname (Sinter Klaas). As The years went by we all continued to all a little magic to Santa’s world in order to make our world bearble. Whether it’s Belsnickle or Kris Pringle, we all owe it to Saint Nicholas for his legacy.