D1 Bound

Toby Tuatoo

California has a reputation of creating stars. Aaron Rodgers, Marshawn Lynch, Jared Goff. Those are just a few examples of the famous football players that flourished from California. There are 99 NCAA D1 colleges located in California. In Colorado, there are only 20 NCAA D1 colleges.

In order to understand the significance of  D1 colleges, let’s go through what they actually offer. Division 1 is the highest intercollegiate level of athletics a college can offer. Every athlete should strive to reach this level, or at least division 2. These schools are offered a larger budget, larger facilities, and have more athletic scholars then the division two or three schools. There are approximately 351 division one schools representing 49 of the 50 states. The sports include hockey, basketball, football, and football. The financial aid for these schools have no cap, so the scholarships are handed out freely, and all equipment is accounted for. Although the scholarships are more abundant, these schools hold the athletes at higher standards. The athletes must maintain a higher GPA and take a minimum of 16 courses to be eligible. The coaching jobs offered are one in a million. They are only given to the most qualified, but are very compensated for their work. The legendary Nick Saban, a football coach at the University of California, earned a remarkable amount of 11.1 million dollars in 2017.

Some debates regarding the athletes are whether they should be paid. In one fiscal year 231 division one colleges generated a revenue of 9.15 billion dollars. The students justified the request for the payments saying that many hours are devoted into the sport and they bring in a lot of money as well funding the colleges. The NCAA ended up turning the request down.

Now to the football programs to the D1 colleges. There are 11 d1 football colleges in California opposed to the 4 in Colorado. These football programs are the top of the top. They provide the best future for the players. California has a average of 3.5 percent recruiting rate while Colorado has a 3 percent. Texas, California, and Florida produce far more recruits than any other state by far. Colorado is very low on that list. The opportunities are more given to the place on which situated.

You must stand out. You must give a reason to be one of the lucky few to be recruited. Tha involves hard work, and time. You must put forth that effort more than those of your peers, or anyone around you. You are competing not only against your region, or state, but your nation.  A D1 college is a lifetime goals for many athletes, but only a few will make it. Will that be you?

Some of the top high school programs in California are Saint John Bosco, Mater dei, De la Salle, and Long beach Poly. Some of the top Colorado high schools programs are Valor Christian, Pamoana, Pine Creek, and Cherry Creek. California produces many division one athletes while Colorado has one or two division athletes on top competing teams. So when talking about division one football programs more than likely there are over 5 players that came from the state of California.