Athletes to Artists

Imani Lige Crenshaw

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Sierra High School not only holds great Athletes but it also, through the curation of Mr.Hale, hold great artists.


Rochelle Bell

Senior at Sierra High School, Rochelle Bell, is known for the beautiful portraits she makes. These portraits are to say the least, beautiful and talented. In a small interview she said, “I watch Bob Ross on tv.” She finds him an inspiration and since she has been with a pencil in her hand since 6 years old no wonder why over a decade later her art mesmerizes students at Sierra. She told me she finds herself to be an artist in the future or and Art Teacher. Though first she might need to get a bigger studio than her room. Rochelle’s art is seen before and is always creating so on your way to class peek a look into the Art Case and see if you can find her artwork.


Josephine Baron

A small Sophomore with a wicked wrist, Josephine Baron, is another artist here at Sierra High School. She told the Sentinel that she found her inspiration in a freelance artist called Drawing with Waffles. She also mentioned how Monet is a big one with his realism. “Creative side that you can show but not tell.” Is how she describe why she arts. Since holding a Pencil Josephine has been hoping to be a freelance artist to have others feel what she is feeling and how it has personal helped her.


Adriana Wardrett

Inspiration-Instagram. Hobby – Art. Established in preschool. Adrianna Wardrett, a senior, at Sierra High School has found her inspiration on Instagram and it has really developed some good work. Though she does not want to make a career out of such work she does change her mind and well who knows what is in store for her. It might be though something she will never quit doing since she has been doing it for as long as she has been in school. Adriana’s work may be seen in the Art Case so try to find it and admire it.




Imani Lige