Turmoil in Washington: How 45 pushes back on Dem for Border Wall

Imani Lige Crenshaw

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Border Wall, a phrase that has being spoken by the 45th president many times starting at his campaign for President, up to Wednesday January 9th 2019. In hopes to get the wall, the President has shutdown the government – forcing Congress to drop 5 billion dollars or more on a wall that will span the southern border with Mexico. If the shutdown continues through to Monday the 14th, this will be the longest shutdown in history.


The biggest issue for the nation is not funding the wall, but how thousands of Government workers have been laid off or go to work for no pay because they have been deemed a  necessary part of the Government spending. The TSA and EPA are calling in sick all across the country in protest. While for many lower-income families, food stamps could potentially run out or there will be short supply in the coming months. The only thing that has being specifically renewed is the IRS so that they may send out Tax Refund checks to Americans everywhere.


So far the debate has been stalled between the 45th president and the majority house leader, Nancy Pelosi and minority senate leader, Chuck Schumer. The next move that many Americans will watch for is if the President will call for a National Emergency and ultimately have his wall built without the need for a government vote. Overall, it is becoming quite clear that the president is in a rush to get his election promises made, but at what cost?